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Thursday, October 14, 2010

{ Christina & Ari Wedding } "Cinema Paradiso"
San Mateo Wedding Photographer

Christina contacted me in early spring and these were her words: "Your style is candid and beautiful and your pictures tell a story. We have such a story to tell and I know you can capture our precious moments for us to remember." She told me about hers and Ari's teenage love that blossomed while their families vacationed together in Yosemite. They both felt they were meant to be together but so early in their lives, their paths separated. Almost 30 years later, they reconnected through Facebook , discovered that they still deeply cared for one another, and made plans to finally marry. When Christina told me the date they had picked for their wedding, I got sad. I was booked. It happens all the time, but this time, for the first time, I felt like I was missing out on something important, meaningful, genuinely heartfelt. So I was really excited when a few weeks later, she told me they are changing their venue AND their date. I was available and without hesitation, I agreed to be their wedding photographer. When I looked through their neatly prepared wedding website I noticed they had picked a soundtrack song from the movie Cinema Paradiso to celebrate their Silician roots. Cinema Paradiso happens to be one of my favorite movies of all times (my website also features some of E. Morricone music!). Young love, lost (but not forgotten) love, strong wish for reunion...so many parallels with this special couple! Christina and Ari celebrated their own reunion in the circle of close friends and their loving children. Needles to say, it was a very special day, filled with joy, tears and endless gratitude. True love is worth waiting for. True love never dies and after witnessing it all, I am pretty sure their honeymoon will never end either.

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The look of faith between the sisters before they headed to the ceremony
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Christina's twin sons walked her down the aisle
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This is probably my favorite shot of the day...
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Christina is a nanny to two cute boys. The younger one could hardly wait till the ceremony ended to give her this sweet hug!
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The wedding cake was made by Christina's daughter
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Christina's daughter was wiping off her mom's tears of happiness...what a moment!

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Ari is a musician and he sang to his bride...
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