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I have been taking photographs all my life. At age 10, I borrowed my father's old Pentax camera and headed out to the fields. I took my first photography class a year after under the guidance of a documentary filmmaker, developed my first B&W photo and was hooked. I have never stopped "thinking in frames" since. I pursued a career in science that trained me to be thorough, precise, patient. But photography remained my passion and I am only truly happy when behind the camera.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{ Miss Awake }
San Jose Newborn Photographer
Half Moon Bay Photographer

She came to this world 3 weeks early and I met her 10 days later, all 6 pounds of her ;-) And she was so awake! We got her to doze off for maybe a couple of minutes before her eyes open wide and curious again. Her mom said that she was like that from the beginning, curiously observing the world around her, making sure she doesn't miss anything. It always amazes me how their little personalities shine from the moment they are born. Strong and unmistakable. Welcome, little "R"!


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