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Monday, July 9, 2012

{ Shreya & Dave Wedding }
Bay Area Wedding Photographer
Half Moon Bay Wedding Photographer

Shreya and Dave traveled to the beautiful Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay all the way from Chicago to celebrate their wedding in the circle of family and closest friends. And what a beautiful celebration they put together! It was spread over three days and full of heartfelt emotions, elegance, colors and tradition. I had the hardest time picking images for this post, I just love so many of them! The photo story below is only from the first part of their wedding day. I just might have to post some more ;-)

When I first e-mailed with Shreya about her wedding, these were her words: "I am looking for a photographer who can capture our candid moments, our personalities and goofiness." So we did just that and I had to include a couple of those goofy ones in this post!

RitzBlog OblekaCevlji EngagementBlog SlonRozaBlog NakitBlog TrepalniceBlog IndijskaBlog OkoBlog OgledaloBlog BeautyBlog KleopatraBlog SalBlog NevestaBlog ZapestniceBlog ResnaBlog ZeninBlog Nevesta1Blog ViewBlog PogledBlog RokeBlog VenecBlog

Goofiness alert! ;-) FacaBlog RumenaBlog OknoBlog RizBlog Riz2Blog pogled1Blog PrstiBlog OkrogBlog NogeBlog

Exchanging rings for a banana makes for one happy ringbearer! BananaBlog SlasciceBlog MezikneBlog MolitevBlog HugBlog TetaBlog MaminObjemBlog OdhodBlog

One of my favorite moments...the groom blowing away the rice from his bride's hair PihaBlog RokiBlog

A warm Thank You to photographers Rebekah & Hok, who covered different angles of this celebration and shared their talent to tell Shreya & Dave's story!

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