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I have been taking photographs all my life. At age 10, I borrowed my father's old Pentax camera and headed out to the fields. I took my first photography class a year after under the guidance of a documentary filmmaker, developed my first B&W photo and was hooked. I have never stopped "thinking in frames" since. I pursued a career in science that trained me to be thorough, precise, patient. But photography remained my passion and I am only truly happy when behind the camera.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

{ Jingle Bells }
San Francisco Family Photographer
Half Moon Bay Photographer

I play with him every end of the year. It all started not quite 3 years ago, when his mom asked me to come and take some Newborn Pictures of her sweet little baby boy. When I think about that session...he was the sleepiest newborn ;-) Well, not anymore! Our sessions now are as active as they can be. Mom, dad and I represent a dedicated team working to get good pictures (and these guys are an amazing help!!). We are constantly running, jumping and chasing after the little guy! There's negotiation too...lots of it... It might appear from the pictures that he is actually seating or standing still...well, yes, for a mere second ;-) And my job is to catch that second! Since I really like active, spontaneous, unpredictable sessions, photographing this family is a pure enjoyment for me. This year, however, we figured out a way to keep the little guy still for a few moments. How? By singing Jingle Bells! When we needed him to slow down, we started singing. He would stop, smile and took over the singing. It was very cute and we got quite a few amusing looks from the passers-by. Oh yeah, and we did some yoga, too! Here are the highlights...

BWduoWeb KlopcaColorWeb VirBigWeb KlopcaWeb VirBWsmileWeb PlayWeb FamilyWeb Daddy3Web Daddy1Web Daddy2Web Stairs1Web KissWeb KissBWWeb

Jingle Bells LIVE! Stairs2Web DrevoWeb Tree1Web JoyWeb StorzWeb play3web Play1Web DaddyWeb AirplaneWeb BoyWeb YogaWeb FlyingWeb

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