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I have been taking photographs all my life. At age 10, I borrowed my father's old Pentax camera and headed out to the fields. I took my first photography class a year after under the guidance of a documentary filmmaker, developed my first B&W photo and was hooked. I have never stopped "thinking in frames" since. I pursued a career in science that trained me to be thorough, precise, patient. But photography remained my passion and I am only truly happy when behind the camera.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

{ Seamless }
Half Moon Bay Photographer
San Francisco Family Photographer
Half Moon Bay Family Photographer

This year, he came with his big sister! I have a thing for siblings, maybe because I missed one when I was little, maybe because there's nothing more enjoyable than watcing my own two little people interact (however noisy and crazy it gets!). When in front of my camera together, kids will eventually start playing. But watching the connection between these two was definitely special. They needed no warm-up time whatsoever. Their bond is seamless and they were swinging and rolling in the grass long before I had my camera settings down. She is so good with him and he is in awe of her. They pretended they were roughhousing but it was sweetly gentle. And so I just followed them and kept documenting. Oh, the moments we captured!! Have a look...

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