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I have been taking photographs all my life. At age 10, I borrowed my father's old Pentax camera and headed out to the fields. I took my first photography class a year after under the guidance of a documentary filmmaker, developed my first B&W photo and was hooked. I have never stopped "thinking in frames" since. I pursued a career in science that trained me to be thorough, precise, patient. But photography remained my passion and I am only truly happy when behind the camera.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

{Toys, Big and Small} Family Photo Session
Half Moon Bay Family Photographer

When planning our photo-outing, I always encourage family members to bring along anything they enjoy doing. It makes for a more fun and relaxing photo session and this way, it is easier to capture the dynamics of the family. My most important goal. So, kids often bring their toys and parents bring…their “toys”! This particular one was big. Very big. And fast. And exciting. We really had fun with it! Everybody was so happy that it took absolutely no effort to capture natural spontaneity of this wonderful family. Besides that, little (she) puppy seemed to have just as much fun as everybody else and was even posing for pictures! Since we all live on the coast and don’t get very much fall foliage, we drove one of the windy roads into the hills and found a nice grove with different shades of orange and yellow. Then, we headed to the beach where all five of them just did what they do. Run, splash, wade in the water, play ball, make sandcastles. Thank you, guys, for such a fun Sunday. You were great!

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